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WIP: Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy – part1

My first WIP entry on my work-blog, yay!

For now I haven’t done much on Tali. I have only made few prototypes but I can at least list Tali’Zorah as a current on-going project.

Character name: Tali’Zorah vas Normandy (aka. Tali’zorah nar Rayya)

Series: Mass Effect

Variation: ME3 (with pistol)

Expected done: Genki-con 2014

Why do I make this cosplay?
Tali’Zorah, or just Tali, is one of the most exiting, mysterious and strong characters of the Mass Effect series, ans she even appears in all three of them! When playing through the games I isolated myself in my room, playing almost all of the games in one take. I was very hooked on the story and the characters and I quickly grew very fond of the mysterious tech quarian; Tali. She was, with Garrus, a part of my must-bring team for every mission. She is simply adorable and when she is drinking she is quite hilarious; “emergency-induction-port.





My prototype (or cosplay) so far:


Above: Preview hood with mask. I’m making the mask prototype of craft foam to see how it fits around my head. I am buying some new materials for the final piece but since I haven’t decided which yet, I will save that part for later.


Above: After looking quite much at the hood prototype I have grown tired of the small size I have made and the hood will be a lot wider and bigger on the bag on the final piece of this part (I will refer to this as the wrap in future posts).


Above: Here with a tryout for one of the actual wraps crossing the front body and then ends with the legs. To make sure it folds nicely I think I will make one where it bends from the pattern. This piece is pretty much straight but also folds in a weird way depending on my arm positions.



I’m okay with the mask prototype so far. What really going to be challenging is the shade/tint of the visor going into it, ventilating the air and then have a blue light blink every time I speak a word. What you see as the white dot in the front of the mask, is actually a blue light blinking as Tali is speaking.

Wish me luck!

(Seriously..I’ll need it!)

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One Response to WIP: Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy – part1

  1. Hangover says:

    Hey there!

    I’m a random creeper from the university, so I guess I should first mention how I found this site; I recently got a Nintendo 3ds xl, and it has this StreetPass feature thingie or whatever. Aaaand it connected to you, and your greeting message was this website! Name’s Martin in case you’re wondering.

    Awesome work you’re doing here, keep working on it! ^^ And I guess I might see you at Genki, I’ll be going there together with my girlfriend for the 3rd year now I think.

    So yeah, awesome stuff, keep it up, and have a nice day! c:

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